Your Coach. Your Way.

Imagine having customized coaching feedback in your own pocket?
With Treno, you can.
  Treno is a groundbreaking mobile app that gives young athletes the opportunity to access personalized feedback from a library of top-tier coaches and professional athletes.
Sports training is challenging enough. From limited access to coaches and feedback to cancelled camps, it’s frustrating for athletes like you that just want to work on their game. Welcome to Treno—a mobile app providing an easy, safe and affordable way to access personalized video coaching from top athletes and coaches.

Every Treno is a chance for you to get better, play better, and have more fun

Treno is Live!

Through Treno, our users — known as “Rising Stars” — will have mobile access to personalized coaching and feedback, anytime and anywhere. 

We provide an affordable solution to costly sports camps, without any geographical barriers — take the next step in your promising athletic career, all from your own hand.

As an athlete, you’re already well aware of the importance of hand-eye coordination, with Treno, use that skill from your own phone to take your playing career to the next level.

Improving your game is right at your fingertips

Interacting with coaches all over the world has never been easier

Every Treno offers you a tailored opportunity to improve, play better, and hone your skills

Connect with our all-star roster of athletes, professionals, and coaches

Get personalized video feedback on how to get the most out of your game

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