Treno launches in April, 2021

Join our all-star roster of accomplished athletes and celebrated coaches!

Treno is devoted to developing millions of young athletes around North America with insightful coaches, all within a few clicks.

By being part of Treno’s launch roster, coaches can provide personalized video feedback to young athletes — our “Rising Stars” — thanks to Treno’s groundbreaking new mobile app technology.

Use your coaching expertise to get paid and help athletes achieve their goals, all from the comfort of your own phone.

Treno already has over 60 acclaimed coaches on board from all across the continent.

We envision ourselves as the future of sports training, development, and improvement.

Treno’s leading edge mobile app technology allows you to grow your brand by engaging with your fan base through short feedback videos—anywhere, anytime. With no COVID-19 restrictions or geographical concerns, you can get paid on your own time, literally, in your own hands.

Join the Treno team

We’re actively recruiting coaches for the official launch of the Treno mobile app in April, 2021. This is your opportunity to be part of the inaugural roster and influence the next generation of our Rising Stars.